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Of all the taters in the world (there are hash taters and dictators, and all kinds of taters) I prefer being a commentator more than any other type.  Thanks to Ikcewicasa for the ability to post here.  I won’t post often but if I have something to say you can be sure that I’ll say it.

What’s the benefit you ask then? (of me posting my doofus thoughts here)

Well, first, I’m NOT a beer drinker in the American sense.  I didn’t like pretty much all beers until I joined the Weiss Guys Brew Club in Denver , now I have a new found taste for the drink.  Have I tried the name brands?  Yes.  What did I think? ………. honestly……. just about all of them are pretty lame.  Are there ANY mass produced beers that I like?…………. NO………… but there are some micro brews that I like, and I’m finding I like a lot of European beers (there’s nothing like practice to make something that tastes awesome).


So from time to time you’ll see my comments and thoughts here, I hope I live up to Ikcewicasa’s expectations and honor his blog.  Aliquam dolor.

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Abbey Belgian Style Ale

Basic Details

Tasting Date: 1/4/2012

Brew Name: Abby Belgian Style Ale

Brewer Name: New Belgium

Brewer Web Site:

Specific Brew Site:

Purchase Place: Bubbles in Castle Rock, Colorado

Purchase Place Web Site:

Price: 9 dollars pick your own 6 pack










The color of this Brew is a dark almost mahogany brown. Head is short lived and a bit dark in color.


Nice malty smell, very pleasant


Strong but pleasant malt, almost chocolaty but it finishes very clean. No harshness. Jonette is not a fan of malty beers but she liked this one.

Final Thoughts:

Yea I get it. New Belgium is not exactly a “craft brewer” but they are somewhat local in that they are located in Colorado. I have to throw them some love and they do release some yummy beers. I highly recommend this brew.

*image taken by phone 3 inches wide scale*

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Ta Henket

Basic Details

Tasting Date: 1/1/12

Brew Name: Ta Henket

Brewer Name: Dog Fish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Brewer Web Site:

Specific Brew Site:

Purchase Place: Davidsons Liquors

Purchase Place Web Site:

Price: $14.99 – 1Pint 9.4 fl. Oz

ABV: 4.5%









I would call this brew a Black Hills Gold, a dark rose gold but a very crystal clear brew.


I found the aroma somewhat unpleasant and I cannot place why.


I first heard of Ta Henket a few months ago. Nick, the brew master for the Weiss Guys posted a link and I was immediately intrigued. An ancient Egyptian ale with fermented with wild Egyptian yeast using a recipe gleaned from ancient pottery shards. This was a must have and although the taste was not to my liking, I enjoyed the experience of trying something exotic and shall I say very interesting.

Ta Henket has a light and fruity flavor. However I am unable to identify the original fruit so I am going to have to go with doum fruit. Or it could have been the Za’atar flavor. Both of those ingredients are something I have zero experience with. The taste was not unpleasant but it was so different as to be just a tad uncomfortable. The brew finishes clean and refreshing, the light alcohol content makes it easy to drink.

I am very happy to have had the chance to experience this occasional rarity from Dog Fish Head. Ta Henket is my first try from their offerings and I am looking forward to more beer adventures from them in the future. I purchased a total of 3 bottles and I will pass the other two onto my friends.

Final Thoughts

If you are adventurous and looking for something different, and you can find this rare brew definitely give it a try. Even if this beer does not become a favorite or even fully agree with your palate it is worth a shot.

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Another Blog? What is this one for?

Welcome friends and beer lovers.  This will be my brew log. I will report her on micro and craft brews I have tried and the beers I have assisted in brewing with the Weiss Guys.  The Weiss Guys are a great brew club, they are all Catholic and I am their pet heathen.

I am not only a complete novice when it comes to beer and brewing, I am just learning to like beer.  I blame my father and the crappy beer he used to drink.  Yea my Dad was drinking PBR long before the hipsters knew about it.  I may not know a lot about beer but I guess that can make this excursion all the more exciting.  I am inviting all of you to come along for the ride.

I will put my first brew up here later tonight or tomorrow some time.  lets just say it was a real special beer and a good way to kick off my new blog.

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